Where To Put The Microwave In A Small Kitchen

The Ultimate Guide to Putting the Microwave in a Small Kitchen

The best place for the microwave in a small kitchen can be a thorny issue But don’t worry! This article will solve The mystery Of where To place the Microwave In a Small Kitchen.’ Small kitchens require clever solutions. And where you place your microwave Is an important aspect To consider. Take a Look As we sift through practical ideas For maximizing space. Techniques To make sure that your kitchen’s compact space Is not just functional, But also appears attractive. If you’re planning To remodel Or improve we’ve got you covered.

What Is A Microwave

A microwave Is an appliance In the kitchen that has become An essential element of modern-day cooking. It functions By emitting microwave radiation which quickly heats And cooks food items. The Magic Of electromagnetics occurs when waves collide With water molecules inside the food, Creating heat. It is well-known For its efficiency which allows people To cook, heat, Or cook A variety of meals effortlessly. They have cooking chambers and A control panel that lets users control the cooking time And the power level. If you’re heating leftovers Or cooking your next dinner.

Where In The Kitchen Should You Not Put A Microwave

When it comes to kitchen layout there are some areas where you shouldn’t place the microwave. It is generally not recommended to place on top of the cooktop or stove. This is because it could be dangerous since it can cause accidental spills or drips, which can cause damage or even fire hazards. In addition, setting the microwave at a high level isn’t ideal for gaining access to and using it frequently. Another place to be avoided is in closed cabinets that do not have adequate ventilation. Because microwaves produce heat when they are in operation and require sufficient airflow to avoid overheating.

How High Should A Microwave Floor Be In A Kitchen?

Finding the right level for the microwave’s position in a kitchen depends on the balance between usability and security. The most commonly used height for the microwave’s floor is usually at or close up to the eye. Providing ease of access and transparency in the cooking process. This is A great height To reduce the strain Of bending Or reaching, Making everyday cooking tasks easier. But, your personal preferences, the person’s height. And the layout of the could determine the best position for your microwave. It is therefore essential To take into consideration these aspects And alter the height Of the microwave To suit your preferences And needs. Thus creating An environment that Is user-friendly For cooking.

Tips On Putting the Microwave

Making the most use of the space available is essential for placement, And it needs careful assessment. One suggestion is to look into microwaves that are mounted on walls or under cabinets which can save countertop space. Opt for smaller compacts that are designed specifically for small kitchens.

Installing the microwave close to your principal food preparation area could improve efficiency while reducing the requirement for a lot of moving. For safety reasons, ensure adequate ventilation and allow ample space around the microwave to avoid overheating. With these helpful guidelines, You can maximize the kitchen’s layout And function while keeping It clean And well-organized cooking area.

01. Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are A flexible option For improving the efficiency Of space And locating the ideal spot where you Can put your microwave. With custom cabinets, You Are able To create shelves And cabinets that not only accommodate. But also add To the overall function And aesthetics that your kitchen. You can incorporate microwave shelves that are at suitable heights To ensure easy access And efficient use of space. Furthermore, You can integrate innovative storage solutions around the microwave. Like removable trays Or compartments hidden from view, To ensure maximum organization And less clutter. Custom cabinets offer A customized design for your kitchen that allows you To seamlessly incorporate the microwave in your tiny kitchen while retaining A unified And elegant appearance.

02. Custom Shelving

Custom Shelving  Microwave Kitchen

Custom shelving Can be An effective And innovative option For the efficient placement Of A microwave within An area that’s small. By creating custom shelving, You can design storage solutions that integrate microwaves seamlessly within the kitchen layout. It allows you To maximize the space And ensure that each centimeter counts. Create A custom microwave shelf that Is the ideal size for quick access And use As well As ensure cleanliness. Furthermore, Custom shelving offers An opportunity To add extra compartments To store cookware. Other kitchen necessities that make It an excellent advantage in the creation of A neat And attractive.

03. Decor + Function

The balance between function And decor Is essential In maximizing the space Of a kitchen And determining the perfect spot To place A microwave. When you have a small space, Every element of design is not required To only enhance the overall design But also improve functionality. Look into custom cabinets Or shelves that can not just accommodate the microwave, But complement the style of your kitchen. The combination Of material designs, Colors, And materials could transform the microwave’s placement into An integral And attractive part. By seamlessly blending decor And functionality, You will Be able To save space. But you can also design A kitchen that’s efficient As well As visually pleasing, Making it An ideal centerpiece Of your house.

04. Wall Brackets

Wall Brackets to Put the Microwave in a Small Kitchen

Wall brackets Can be A useful And efficient solution To place the microwave in A tiny kitchen. You can secure the sturdy brackets onto the wall, allowing you to place them at an optimal level for easy accessibility and usage. With wall brackets, You will not only free up valuable counter space but also create A tidy And tidy look in your small space. This innovative approach does more than just increase functionality And functionality, It adds An additional dash Of modernity To your kitchen’s decor. Wall brackets provide A straightforward yet effective way Of making the most out Of your small space. Make sure that the microwave Is always accessible For all Of your cooking needs in A small kitchen.

05. Baker’s Rack

Baker’s Rack

A baker’s rack Is an ideal addition to A tiny kitchen when you need effective positioning. They typically have shelves, But sometimes hooks And drawers For storage. Making them ideal For arranging kitchen necessities. If you put the microwave onto a baker’s holder. You will free up space On your countertop while making It easy To access your appliance. Additionally, You can utilize the shelves To store kitchenware and cooking equipment. And even decorative items that add both function and elegance. The baker’s hutch not only enhances the layout. But also provides An efficient And attractive option To incorporate the microwave into A small layout.

06. Over A Stove 

A microwave that is placed over the stove is a common option in a variety of kitchen designs. This arrangement allows efficient utilization Of space vertically And allows the microwave To be close enough to cook And heat. But, It’s crucial To take safety precautions into consideration when placing a microwave On top of An oven. An adequate ventilation system and adequate clearance between the stove. The microwaves are essential to stop steam and heat from damaging the microwave or creating dangers to the safety of others. Furthermore, It that have integrated ventilation can enhance the efficiency of this arrangement. Its “over-the-stove” placement is a practical solution that can combine space and practicality when used correctly within the kitchen.

07. Hutch Pantry

A hutch pantry can be An elegant And versatile storage solution that can Be used in any kitchen. It is typically An open-air cabinet or A cupboard with doors with glass fronts. Usually, An upper section has cabinets Or drawers. This distinctive piece Of furniture offers ample storage space For kitchen necessities. But can also be A fashionable centerpiece that adds personality And warmth to the interior. Hutch pantries Are ideal For displaying attractive dishware glassware. Collectibles, Or glassware in the open shelves, And less appealing objects are stored behind closed doors. Through their mix Of utility and style, Hutch pantries provide A practical solution To ensure your kitchen Is well-organized And appealing To the eye And are A great feature For any home.

08. Dedicated Microwave Oven Rack

A dedicated oven rack is A specialized storage solution designed To enhance the functionality And organization Of your kitchen. These purpose-built racks Are crafted To securely hold A microwave oven At An optimal height, ensuring easy access And efficient use Of counter space. They often feature robust construction, Adjustable shelves, And additional storage options like hooks Or drawers, Offering a practical And versatile solution for maximizing kitchen real estate.

By providing A designated spot For your microwave. These racks contribute To a more organized And clutter-free cooking environment while streamlining your daily kitchen routines. Dedicated oven racks prove To be A smart addition. Seamlessly integrating your appliance And elevating both convenience And tidiness in your culinary space.

09. In an Appliance Garage

A garage for appliances is A great storage option For kitchens that want To keep smaller appliances such As blenders. Toasters, Or microwaves from the view when they are not when they are not in use. The majority Of them are located On the countertop Or inside cabinets, Featuring an open Or hinged door that you Can open Or shut. This design not only hides appliances from view but also ensures that countertops remain uncluttered while maintaining an organized and sleek design. Garages for appliances are A great method To make the most Of counter space. Keep the appearance Of your kitchen while making sure that the essential appliances Are easily accessible At any time.


Finding the best location for A small microwave in A kitchen that Is small is A matter that requires careful analysis And practicality. It doesn’t matter If you opt for the wall with brackets Or cabinets as well as a separate space-saving rack or any other way to reduce space. The main thing is To find An equilibrium between safety, Convenience, And aesthetics. By maximizing space And inscribing the microwave into your kitchen’s layout, It is possible To make A practical And attractive culinary space. Make sure that the ideal placement not only increases the effectiveness. But also provides A more efficient And pleasant cooking experience within your tiny but well-designed.

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